Over the years, GBI has made a positive impression on both its customers, who are delighted with the work accomplished, and its employees, who are proud of the dynamic that has been established.

Mr Diarra

, Client

Trust has been one of the major problems in most of my construction projects with other companies. Thanks to GBI, many obstacles were overcome in order to give me a beautiful villa. From design to construction, the difference was minimal and they were able to deliver on all their promises. I will recommend them for any wish to buy a new home.

Mr Sylla

, engineer at GBI

Thanks to GBI, I was able to blossom in my favorite field, construction, and to learn many values such as punctuality, seriousness in the execution of its tasks, but above all, responsibility. Our objectives are clear and GBI, through its strong potential, will be able to rise to the rank of the African leaders of tomorrow's construction industry!