About the company

Founded in January 2002 by Tiemoko Touré, GBI (Générale de Bâtiment et d'Industries) has built up
over the years an excellent reputation in the Senegalese construction industry. Starting from
realities of the Sahel and the reconstruction works in the capital of Dakar, the company
has gradually expanded and has been awarded many large-scale projects in Senegal
but also in Mali. Faced with these numerous challenges, the company was helped by the know-how of
of its employees, various African and European partners but also the use of equipment
of high quality.

 <strong><i>Tiemoko Touré, Directeur Général</i> </strong>
Tiemoko Touré, General Manager

Graduated from the Polytechnic Institute of Vladimir, one of the best engineering schools in the former USSR, he returned to Senegal in 1994 to bring his know-how. He then worked in the Senegalese multinational construction company CDE where the gain of experience and mastery facilitated the creation of GBI in 2002. This new company will allow him to mark his contemporaries and to engage in the construction of an emerging and sustainable Senegal.

<i><strong>Youssouf Mdahoma, Directeur Technique Adjoint</strong></i>
Youssouf Mdahoma, Deputy Technical Director

Recognized for his modeling work, he joined GBI in 2009 after successful training at G15 CEDT but also at ISEPT. This fine BIM modeler is also in charge of supervising and realizing the major part of the conceptual aspect of our various projects.